Episode 38, July 7, 2017: Things to Come

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Chad's hate for the 1930's, 2DudeReview sponsors, a shot of gin, the Romero zombie, and then we mention the movie Things to Come.

Warning: Spoilers, adult humor, and harsh language ahead. Listen at your own risk.

Show Notes:

2DudeReview - Episode 38: Things to Come

I. Introduction
- Discuss site, Twitter, etc.

II. Our bet

III. Tidbits/Things to Discuss

- First ever million dollar movie shot in Britain.
- A lot of critics said the Wells' book had too much of it based on class whereas the movie was criticized for not having enough discussion about class.
- The novel was published in 1933, fifteen years after World War I and six years before Germany's invasion of Poland and two years after the Japanese invasion of Manchuria. Britain wouldn't enter the World War II until 1939.
- Our thoughts on the movie?
- Was HG Wells a Nostradamus of his time?
- While the word was around and used prior to this movie, did this movie change the way we look at zombies and bring on the concept of the Romero zombie?

IV. How rotten is Things to Come? Things to Come was given an % by Rotten Tomatoes. Do the following films fall higher or lower than %?

V. Mention next film, plus reiterate the Web site and social media feeds

VI. Final Grade of A-F

Chad's Grade: C
Brian's Grade: B
Karina's Grade: A