Episode 35, June 2, 2017: The Searchers

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How The Searchers influenced Star Wars, the cost of milk in 1956, and racism in the late-1800s are discussed.

Warning: Spoilers, adult humor, and harsh language ahead. Listen at your own risk.

Show Notes:

2DudeReview - Episode 35: The Searchers

I. Introduction
- Discuss site, Twitter, etc.

II. Our bet

III. Tidbits/Things to Discuss
- Loosely based on Cynthia Ann Parker. She was taken by the Comanche at age ten and lived with them for twenty-four years, eventually marrying a Comanche chieftan and bearing three of his children. When she was finally recovered by the Texas Rangers, she spent the last ten years of her life refusing to reacclimate herself with "white man" culture. Heartbroken at not seeing her family she stopped eating and died of influenza in 1871.
- Directed by John Ford. Ford incluenced filmmakers including Orson Welles, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas.
- Scenes from The Searchers that influenced Star Wars:
The Searcher's Scene Star Wars Scene
Shot on site in Monument Valley Landscapes of Tatooine
The secluded home of the Edwards family Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's home
The Native Americans attacking and burning the home/bodies The Imperials attacking their Tatooine home and burning them
The series of events led Ethan to find the Comanche for revenge Forced Luke to leave to become a Jedi
Kidnapped Natalie Wood (Debbie) forcing Ethan to form a search party Attack of the Clones sand people kidnap Shmi Skywalker forcing Owen to create a search party
The first search lasted years and they were unable to locate Debbie Owen was unable to find Shmi
After they return back after not finding Debbie they find where she may be and head back out Anakin's arrival to Tatooine forced him to search for Shmi and avenge her
- What we thought
- Is John Wayne more interested in rescuing Debbie or more interested in avenging the loss of his brother's family (his hatred for the Comanche and the miscegenation of his "nephew")?
- Thoughts on whether Debbie is Ethan's daughter (she is eight years old, he was gone eight years) (there is a definite attraction/something else going on between them before she is killed)?

IV. How rotten is The Searchers? The Searchers was given an % by Rotten Tomatoes. Do the following films fall higher or lower than %?

V. Mention next film, plus reiterate the Web site and social media feeds

VI. Final Grade of A-F

Chad's Grade: B
Brian's Grade: A-
Karina's Grade: A