Episode 53, November 10, 2017: The Exorcist

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We discuss the best and worst Halloween candy, a drunken bar patron plopped in the film, and The Exorcist's make-up budget.

Warning: Spoilers, adult humor, and harsh language ahead. Listen at your own risk.

Show Notes:

2DudeReview - Episode 53: The Exorcist

I. Introduction
- Discuss site, Twitter, etc.

II. Our bet

III. Tidbits/Things to Discuss

- Adaptation of a book of the same name by William Peter Blatty inspired by a 1949 exorcism on an anonymous boy named "Roland Doe" by Jesuit priest William Bowdern.
- Director William Friedkin said that he made the film with the intention of following the events involving Doe. The film depicts everything that could be verified via diaries, doctors and nurses, and Doe's aunt. He did say that he didn't believe that the head spinning incident actually occurred but that has been disputed.
- The demon in the film that was never named is Pazuzu, he was the king of demons of the wind in Assyrian and Babylonian mythology.
- Friedkin went to exxtraordinary lengths to get the reactions he wanted from the actors. Both Linda Blair and Ellen Burnstyn suffered back injuries when yanked violently around in harneses. Their painful screams went straight into the film. Burnstyn was upset the shot of her screaming in pain was used. He fired blanks without warning on the set to elicit shock from Jason Miller. He also told him that the pea soup would hit him in the chest instead of the face in the vomitting scene resulting in the proper reaction. He had Regan's bedrrom set built inside a freezer causing the crew to wear coats.
- Religous zealouts took the movie a bit too seriously and made death threats towards Linda Blair because they felt the movie "glorified Satan." Warner Bros. had to hire bodyguards to protect her for six months after the movie was released.
- Ellen Burnstyn agreed to do the movie only if they removed her line, "I believe in the devil!"
- The book's crucifix masturbation scene was much gorier and sexually explicit with Regan suffering a broken nose, butchery of her genitals, and orgasming.
- This was the first horror movie to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
- Roger Ebert liked the movie but felt it deserved an X-rating. Some theaters provided "Exorcist barf bags." Many theaters had paramedics called to treat people who fainted or grow hysterical.

IV. How rotten is The Exorcist. The Exorcist was given an % by Rotten Tomatoes. Do the following films fall higher or lower than %?

V. Mention next film, plus reiterate the Web site and social media feeds

VI. Final Grade of A-F

Chad's Grade: A-
Brian's Grade: A+
Karina's Grade: A+