Episode 39, July 21, 2017: Night of the Living Dead

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We continue our attempts to find a fast food restaurant sponsor, Chad is baffled at using shampoo on Brian's bald head, and we talk everything zombie in memory of George Romero.

Warning: Spoilers, adult humor, and harsh language ahead. Listen at your own risk.

Show Notes:

2DudeReview - Episode 39: Night of the Living Dead

I. Introduction
- Discuss site, Twitter, etc.

II. Our bet

III. Tidbits/Things to Discuss

- Based off of Richard Matheson's I am Legend but he didn't want it to be about vampires since that was already done. Romero admits his film was a rip-off of the Matherson novel. His concept was the dead stop being dead and reanimate and feed off the living. Matheson's stated that Romero's interpretation was, "kind of cornball."
- They never use the word zombie in the movie.
- The lead role was written for a caucasian man but Romero casted an African-American to play Ben and refused to change the script. Later he was asked if this decision was based on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr and Romero explained he didn't hear about the shooting until they were done filming.
- Our thoughts on the film in 30 seconds?
- The blood was chocolate sauce, the consumed flesh was roasted ham, and entrails were donated by an actor who owned a chain of butcher shops.
- Living Dead was Romero's first film. Before that he directed Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
- The movie was released in 1968 before there was an MPAA and a rating system and played during the day, as most horror movies of the time were. Kids would go see it and not know what they were getting into. People lost their minds about the violence. Reader's Digest claimed it would inspire cannibalism.
- One historian explains that the zombies represent American capitalists and the victims are the counterculture, homosexuals, feminists, and civil rights activists.

IV. How rotten is Night of the Living Dead? Night of the Living Dead was given an % by Rotten Tomatoes. Do the following films fall higher or lower than %?

V. Mention next film, plus reiterate the Web site and social media feeds

VI. Final Grade of A-F

Chad's Grade: A
Brian's Grade: A
Karina's Grade: A-