Episode 63, February 23, 2018: Goodfellas

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Brian's birthday episode featuring bad accents, strange fetishes, and Scorsese's hectic direction style are discussed as we delve into Goodfellas. I thought you said you was alright Spida'.

Warning: Spoilers, adult humor, and harsh language ahead. Listen at your own risk.

Show Notes:

2DudeReview - Episode 63: Goodfellas

- Al Pacino was offered the role of Jimmy Conway but turned it down to avoid typecasting. He would later regret the decision as he ended up playing the bad guy in Dick Tracy. Robert DeNiro was then offered the role. Once DeNiro agreed to play Jimmy Conway, Scorsese was able to get funding to make the movie. DeNiro recommended Ray Liota after seeing him in Something Wild.
- DeNiro called Henry Hill often to ask questions about his role including how he walked and how he held his cigarette.
- The real Heny Hill was paid $480,000.
- Scorses used hectic filmmaking to try to show the mobster lifestyle.
- Lorraine Bracco didn't see any difference between her role and an abused housewife.
- Hill said that Pesci was 90 to 95% accurate of Tommy but Tommy was a big guy.
- There was improv and ad-libbing throughout, most notably the, "do I amuse you," scene, the scene at Tommy's mother's house, and Paulie smacking Liotta after he gets out of prison (Liotta's reaction is real).
- The long shot through the Copacabana was because they couldn't get permission to use the short entrance. Scorsese described it as not only Henry's seduction of Karen but the mob's seduction on Henry.
- In the first test screening, 40 people walked out in the first ten minutes because of the direction of the film.
- Goodfellas inspired the HBO show, The Sopranos.
- Some mobsters were used as extras in the movie. They gave fake social security numbers to the studio and no one knows how they got their pay checks.
- Ray Liotta turned down playing Harvey Dent in Batman (our next movie) to do this.
- The word fuck is used 321 times for an average of 2.04 fucks given per minute.
- The Lufthansa heist was solved in 2014 and any surviving members were arrested.

Final Grade of A-F

Chad's Grade: A+
Brian's Grade: A+
Karina's Grade: A